Managing COVID-19 Specific Fears

Some autistic individuals have shared that the uncertainty and the constant flow yet frequently changing information available during lockdown which evoked a sense of anxiety, apprehension, and unease amongst many people, is what they experience on a daily basis.

Returning to School

For information on dates for schools re-opening: Click here for ROI: Back to School  Click here for NI: Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice on schools Many of the strategies discussed in other sections of this resource can be applied in this instance, although they may need adapted to ensure they are specific and unique to the person diagnosed with autism.

Returning to Shared Spaces in Community

Returning to shared public space within the community after a long period of isolation at home will be challenging for some children and young people with autism.

Major Life Changes

Bereavement and Autism Please note: This section refers to death, dying and bereavement.